Table 4

Aspirin use and nonaspirin NSAID use 4 days or more per week for at least 6 months among 780 cases of epithelial ovarian cancer, 2053 cancer controls, and 2570 noncancer controlsa

Drug and useCasesCancer controlsORb (95% CI)Noncancer controlsORb (95% CI)
Yes271010.7 (0.4–1.1)1300.8 (0.5–1.2)
Duration 5+ yr8510.4 (0.2–0.9)670.5 (0.2–1.0)
Nonaspirin NSAIDs
Yes14720.5 (0.3–0.9)880.5 (0.3–0.9)
Duration 5+ yr3120.4 (0.2–0.9)150.6 (0.2–2.2)
  • a Women whose only use began within the year before admission or whose timing of use was unknown are excluded.

  • b OR, odds ratio from logistic regressions with terms for age, geography, and interview year.