Table 4

Crude and adjusted mean 2HE:16HE ratio values within levels of Brassica intake or IGSL intake during the intervention study phase; with 95% CIs and Ps for difference in 2:16 across categoriesa

IntakebRangenMean 2:16Difference in 2:1695% CIPg
Brassicac (g/day)
132.453–181172.16e0.45e−0.45 to 1.370.32
IGSLd (mg/day)
52.62–67172.12e0.53e−0.38 to 1.440.25
Brassicac (g/day)
132.453–181172.25f0.27f−0.94 to 1.480.65
IGSLd (mg/day)
52.62–67172.15f0.47f−0.54 to 1.490.35
  • a n = 34.

  • b Median Brassica or IGS intake within each category.

  • c Derived from 24 HRs.

  • d Estimated IGSL intake calculated from published estimates and self-reported Brassica consumption.

  • e Crude: Adjusted for baseline 2:16 only.

  • f Adjusted: mean 2:16 values and differences in 2:16 adjusted for energy (kcal), protein (g), fiber (g), and social approval scores.

  • g Two-sided P under null hypothesis that the difference equals 0.