Table 1

Correlations of Physician Attitude and Facilitating Condition Items with Sigmoidoscopy Provision Rates

Model construct itemsCorrelation
Physician attitude items
Detect masses and polyps I cannot feel0.21
Find cancer at early stage0.21
Good income generator for my practice0.24a
Time-consuming and expensive for me−0.45b
Distasteful for me−0.35b
Expose patients to significant risk of complications−0.44b
Decline in mortality from cancer0.38b
Expensive for my patients−0.11
Physically uncomfortable for patients0.00
Low patient compliance−0.11
Require substantial nurse time−0.15
Effort convincing patients to have it−0.14
Facilitating condition items
Medical school or residency training−0.06
Postresidency training0.35b
Office reminder for sigmoidoscopy0.40b
Physician proficiency0.43b
Clinic has flex sigmoidoscope0.50b
Staff trained to assist0.24a
Clinic room available0.31b
  • a Significant, P < 0.05.

  • b Significant, P < 0.01.