Table 4

Combined GSTT1, GSTM1, and GSTP1 genotypes and RCC risk

GSTT1 presentGSTT1 null
CasesControlsORa95% CICasesControlsORa95% CI
GSTM1 present, GSTP1 AA17911.05202.90.8–10.6
GSTM1 present, GSTP1 AG or GG271101.80.8–4.014194.11.4–12.4
GSTM1 null, GSTP1 AA22801.80.8–4.310213.00.9–9.5
GSTM1 null, GSTP1 AG or GG241201.30.6–2.97281.80.5–6.0
  • a ORs adjusted for age, sex, race, county, pack-years of smoking, and BMI.