Table 2

Associations of TA genotypes with breast cancer survival

RRa (95% CI)bPRRa (95% CI)bP
Univariate analysis
(TA)0/(TA)9, (TA)90.50 (0.26–0.98)0.0430.53 (0.24–1.18)0.12
Multivariate analysisc
(TA)0/(TA)9, (TA)90.58 (0.29–1.16)0.130.54 (0.24–1.23)0.14
  • a RR estimated from Cox proportional hazards regression model.

  • b CI of the estimated RR.

  • c Multivariate models were adjusted for lymph nodes status, tumor size, patient age, and ER and PR expression.