Table 6

Multivariate-adjusteda mean percent breast density (95% CI) by categories of food and supplement intakes of Vitamins C, E, and B12

Vitamin intakeMenopausal statusCategory of intakebPtrendc
Vitamin C (mg)Pred
Food only394240400.99
Supplement only373943420.02
Food only323331310.22
Supplement only313332320.98
Vitamin E (mg TE)Pred
Food only383842440.12
Supplement only394240430.31
Food only323331310.54
Supplement only313233320.31
Vitamin B12 (mg)Pred
Food only443939420.55
Supplement only394242410.55
Food only313133310.48
Supplement only323132340.05
  • a All analyses are adjusted for caloric intake, age, age2, body mass index, WHR, physical activity, age at menarche, age at first birth and number of births combined, self-reported alcohol intake, smoking, family history of breast cancer, hormone replacement usage (postmenopausal women), and oral contraceptive usage (premenopausal women).

  • b For food source, categories are quartiles. For supplement use, non-users make up category 1. Categories 2–4 are tertiles of supplement intake.

  • c Test for trend is an F test of the linear contrast.

  • d n = 283.

  • e n = 1225.