Table 6

Adjusteda odds of ovarian cancer with N314D

CasesControlsAdjusted OR(95% CI)
All cases
N314D −/−430(78.9)410(82.5)1.0
N314D −/+106(19.4)85(17.1)1.17(0.84–1.61)
N314D +/+9(1.6)2(0.4)4.51(0.96–21.20)
Endometrioid/Clear cell cases
N314D −/−96(75.0)410(82.5)1.0
N314D −/+27(21.1)85(17.1)1.40(0.84–2.32)
N314D +/+5(3.9)2(0.4)14.17(2.62–76.60)
  • a Adjusted for age (continuous), lactose consumption (continuous), OC use (<3 mon, ≥3 mon), parity (0, ≥1), BMI (continuous), first-degree relative with breast or ovarian cancer (no, yes), study site (MA, NH), and epimerase activity (continuous).