Table 3

Adjusted risk for ovarian cancer by quartiles of lactose consumption and other dietary variablesa

VariableParameter estimateOR(95% CI)P
Lactose Q2b−0.01590.98(0.69–1.40)0.929
Lactose Q3−0.002371.00(0.70–1.43)0.990
Lactose Q4−0.08200.92(0.62–1.37)0.686
Lactose intolerance (no, yes)−0.20190.82(0.56–1.20)0.301
Total calories0.0002991.00(1.00–1.00)0.105
Total protein−0.01160.99(0.98–1.00)0.002
Saturated fat0.01121.01(0.99–1.03)0.226
  • a Adjusted for age, OC use, parity, first-degree relative with breast or ovarian cancer, study site, and education.

  • b Q, quartile.