Table 5

NAT2 alleles in nonhuman speciesa

AlleleNucleotide changesbAmino acid changesbSpecies (phenotype)
NAT2*1 Chicken
NAT2*2 Rabbit (rapid)
NAT2*3 NAT2 deletedNo transcript or proteinRabbit (slow)
NAT2*8 Mouse (rapid)
NAT2*9 A296TAsn99→IleMouse (slow)
NAT2*15 Syrian hamster (rapid)
NAT2*16A T36C, A633G, C727TArg243→StopSyrian hamster (slow)
NAT2*16B T36C, C325T, A633G, C727TArg243→StopSyrian hamster (slow)
NAT2*20 Rat (rapid)
NAT2*21A G361A, G399A, G522A, G796AVal121→Ile; Val266→IleRat (slow)
NAT2*21B G361A, G399A, C672T, G796AVal121→Ile; Val266→IleRat (slow)
  • a Adapted from Ref. 7 .

  • b Relative to NAT2 alleles of the species.