Table 4

NAT1 alleles in nonhuman speciesa

AlleleNucleotide changesbAmino acid changesbSpecies (phenotype)c
NAT1*1 Rabbit (rapid)
NAT1*2 None (coding region)NoneRabbit (slow)
NAT1*6 Mouse (rapid)
NAT1*7 None (coding region)NoneMouse (slow)
NAT1*8 Syrian hamster (rapid)
NAT1*9 T60CNoneSyrian hamster (slow)
NAT1*13 Rat (rapid and slow)
  • a Adapted from Ref. 7 .

  • b Relative to NAT1 alleles of the species.

  • c No functional differences have been observed between rapid and slow acetylator NAT1 in these species.