Table 1

Human NAT1 allelesa

AlleleNucleotide change(s)Amino acid change(s)Referencesb
NAT1*3 C1095ANone40
NAT1*4 NoneNone25
NAT1*5 G350,351C, G497–499C, A884G, Δ976, Δ1105Arg117→Thr, Arg166→Thr, Glu167→Gln49
NAT1*10 T1088A, C1095ANone25
NAT1*11 C−344T, A−40T, G445A, G459A, T640G, Δ9 between 1065–1090, C1095AVal149→Ile, Ser214→Ala50
NAT1*14A G560A, T1088A, C1095AArg187→Gln51, 52
NAT1*14B G560AArg187→Gln52, 53
NAT1*15 C559TArg187→Stop51, 53
NAT1*16 [AAA] immediately after 1091, C1095ANone54
NAT1*17 C190TArg64→Trp55, 56
NAT1*18A Δ3 between 1064–1087, T1088A, C1095ANone57
NAT1*18B Δ3 between 1064–1091None58
NAT1*19 C97TArg33→Stop56
NAT1*20 T402CNone56
NAT1*21 A613GMet205→Val56
NAT1*22 A752TAsp251→Val56
NAT1*23 T777CNone56
NAT1*24 G781AGlu261→Lys56
NAT1*25 A787GIle263→Val56
NAT1*26A [TAA] insertion between 1066 and 1091, C1095ANone59
NAT1*26B [TAA] insertion between 1066 and 1091None60
NAT1*27 c T21G, T777CNone
NAT1*28 [TAATAA] deletion between 1085 and 1090None61
NAT1*29 T1088A, C1095A, Δ1025None62
  • a Updated from Ref. 26 . NAT1 nomenclature is accessible on the internet at a website.3 Low activity alleles are shown in bold. Allelic frequencies vary with ethnicity (6, 11).

  • b Initial reports as opposed to an exhaustive list.

  • c V. A. Smelt, A. Upton, J. Adjaye, M. A. Payton, N. Johnson, H. J. Mardon, and E. Sim, Expression of arylamine N-acetyltransferases in preterm placentas and in human preimplantation embryos, manuscript submitted.