Table 2

Mean anthropometric characteristics in prostate cancer cases and controls, Shanghai, China

Anthropometric characteristicsCases
Control (n = 471)Total (n = 238)Localized (n = 79)Regional/Remote (n = 150)
Height (cm)a167.55.8167.86.1167.95.8167.86.3
Usual adult weight (kg)b61.59.761.38.661.29.361.28.2
Measured adult weight (kg)c61.810.660.410.261.49.859.910.4
20–29 yr20.42.620.62.520.52.720.62.4
40–49 yr21.82.921.92.821.82.921.92.6
60–69 yr22.
Usual adult BMId21.
Measured BMIe22.43.421.93.422.33.621.73.2
Measured circumferencef
Waist (cm)82.510.582.
Hip (cm)92.58.490.48.691.78.489.58.7
Right upper arm (cm)25.63.625.12.625.62.624.82.6
  • a Self-reports of usual adult height.

  • b Self-reports of usual adult weight.

  • c Weight measured at interview.

  • d Based on usual adult height and weight (kg/m2).

  • e Based on height and weight measured at interview (kg/m2).

  • f Measured at interview.

  • g Based on measured waist and hip circumferences.