Table 3

Spearman correlations between breast cancer risk factors and adipose levels of DDE, total OCPs, and total PCBs among 323 controls, Long Island, New York, 1994–1996

Risk factornDDE (ng/g)Total OCPa (ng/g)Total PCBa (ng/g)
Reference age (yr)3230.465b0.508b0.524b
Education (yr)323−0.246b−0.258b−0.180b
Age at menarche (yr)3230.0020.0130.025
No. of full-term pregnancies3230.247b0.260b0.198b
Age at first full-term pregnancy (yr)c255−0.209b−0.230b−0.215b
Breastfed (mo)c255−0.097−0.095−0.175b
Age at menopause (yr)d1400.0850.0890.162
  • a OCP, sum of seven organochlorine pesticide species; PCB, sum of 14 congeners; see text for details.

  • b P < 0.01.

  • c Parous women only.

  • d Postmenopausal women only.