Table 1

Clinicopathological and molecular data for patients with lung cancer or breast cancer after HD

A. Lung cancer
Patient no.Histological type of LCaAgeb/ sexSmoking historycCancer locationYears between HD/LCHD stageSummary of therapy for HDFAL indexMA index
1Adenocarcinoma44 /FYesRUL2.3IIMantle RT 30 Gy; MOPP-ABVD0.690.21
2Adenocarcinoma37 /M22LUL10.2IVMantle RT 21 Gy; Abd. RT 18 Gy; MVVPP0.070
3Adenocarcinoma31 /F40RLL16.1IIMantle RT 46 Gy00
4Adenocarcinoma61 /M79.5LLL6.3IMantle RT 35 Gy; MOPP0.080.06
5Adenocarcinoma32 /MYesRL10.1IHemi-mantle RT 44 Gy0.500.05
6Adenocarcinoma34 /M27LLL21.8IMantle RT 18 Gy; inverted-Y RT 36 Gy; CTX, VLB0.460.16
7Adenocarcinoma59 /M70RML2.5IInverted-Y RT 35 Gy0.450.11
8Adenocarcinoma34 /F30RML3.9IIMantle RT 30 Gy; MOPP0.560.11
9Adenocarcinoma28 /M35LUL23.3IIInverted-Y RT 34 Gy; MOPP0.670.37
10Adenocarcinoma40 /F60LUL7.8ILateral neck RT 35 Gy0.200.05
11Adeno-squamous59 /M50RUL3.0IILateral pelvis RT 25 Gy; MTX; ABVD0.910.11
12Squamous cell40 /F40LL24.6IVLateral Axilla RT 36 Gy; MOPP0.670.12
13Large cell58 /MYesRL9.8IMantle RT 40 Gy; para-aortic RT 40 Gy; MOPP0.830
14Large cell26 /M30LUL22.0IMantle RT 16 Gy; Inverted-Y RT 36 Gy; MOPP0.700
15Large cell34 /FYesRML22.1IIMantle RT 30 Gy; CVP0.440.16
16SCLC56 /MYesRUL10.9IIMantle RT 40 Gy0.600
17SCLC32 /F28Unknown15.0IIMantle RT 35 Gy1.000.05
18SCLC49 /F40LUL6.1IIMantle RT 40 Gy; MOPP; ABVD0.730.05
19SCLC20 /M13LUL8.8IMantle RT 35 Gy; MOPP; −ABVD0.170.05
B. Breast cancer
Patient no.Histological type of BCAgeb/sexBC locationYears between HD/BCHD stageSummary of therapy for HDFAL indexMA index
1Ductal cell41 /FR, lateral18.3IIIMantle RT 30 Gy; Abd/pelvis RT 23 Gy; MOPP0.850.15
2Ductal cell43 /FR and L, LOQ-LIQ16.3IIMantle RT 35 Gy; Abd RT 20 Gy; para-aortic RT 10 Gy; MOPP0.200
3Ductal cell35 /FR, UOQ16.3IIMantle RT 35 Gy0.400.05
4Ductal cell32 /FR, central19.0IIMantle RT 35 Gy; right chest RT 10 Gy; Mediast. RT 20 Gy; VLB0.690
5Ductal cell40 /FR, UOQ14.3IVMOPP0.850
6Ductal cell35 /FL, LIQ9.8IIMantle RT 35 Gy; left chest RT 20 Gy; MOPP0.170
7Ductal cell42 /FL, UOQ21.1IIMantle RT 35 Gy; left chest RT 3 Gy; VLB0.130.10
8Ductal cell38 /FL, upper left19.8IIMantle RT 40 Gy0.670
9Ductal cell34 /FL, UIQ13.2IIMantle RT 38 Gy; para-aortic RT 38 Gy; MVPP0.330.05
10Ductal cell43 /FL, LOQ21.7IMantle RT 40 Gy; MOPP0.240
11Ductal cell53 /FL, UOQ26.4IIIMediast. RT 30 Gy; supracl left axilla RT 40 Gy0.250.05
12Ductal cell30 /FL, UOQ9.3IIMantle RT 35 Gy; Abd RT 20 Gy; para-aortic RT 15 Gy0.270
13Ductal cell36 /FL, LOQ21.8IIMantle RT 35 Gy0.690
14Ductal cell52 /FL, UIQ25.1IMantle RT 26 Gy; Mediast. RT 8 Gy; axilla RT 4 Gy; left chest 40 Gy00
15Ductal cell29 /FR, LIQ13.7IMantle RT 40 Gy; MVPP0.140
16Ductal cell43 /FL, UOQ15.8IIMantle RT 35 Gy; Abd. RT 4 Gy0.180
17Ductal cell29 /FL, inferior central14.2IIMantle RT 40 Gy; para-aortic/spleen RT 41 Gy0.380
18Ductal cell40 /FL, UOQ12.3IIMantle RT 38 Gy; MOPP0.620
19Ductal cell34 /FL, UOQ19.9IIIMantle RT 46 Gy; inverted-Y/spleen RT 45 Gy0.200
  • a LC, lung cancer; Abd, abdomen; ABVD, doxorubicin, bleomycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine; BC, breast cancer; CTX, cyclophosphamide; CVP, cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and prednisone; L, left; LL, left lung; LLL, left lower lobe; LOQ, left outer quadrant; LIQ, left inner quadrant; LUL, left upper lobe; Mediast., mediastinal; MOPP, mechlorethamine, vincristine, procarbazine, and prednisone; MTX, methotrexate; MVPP, mechlorethamine, vinblastine, procarbazine, and prednisone; MVVPP, mechlorethamine, vincristine, vinblastine, procarbazine, and prednisone; R, right; RL, right lung; RLL, right lower lobe; RLL, right middle lobe; RT, radiotherapy; RUL, right upper lobe; supraclav, supraclavicular; UIQ, upper inner quadrant; UOQ, upper outer quadrant; VLB, vinblastine.

  • b Age (years) at diagnosis of second primary cancer.

  • c Smoking history is given in pack-year. Yes, smoker, but the number of pack-years is unknown.