Table 3

Response of white blood cells in comet assay after administration of therapeutics to cancer patients

AgentDiseaseSubjectsaEffect ratiobIntervalcNotesRef. no.
131IThyroid cancer111.1 (0.9–1.5)≈6 dNo effect 2 h after treatment21
131IThyroid cancer281.0 (0.9–1.2)7 dNo effect, possibly due to complete repair89
131IThyroid cancer/goiter22≈390
131IHyperthyroidism161.2 (1.0–1.3)30 dNo effect after 1 week91
CyclophosphamideBreast cancer171.5 (1.1–2.2)d1–21 hDamage most pronounced 16–21 h after treatment92
CyclophosphamideVasculitis/collagen disease11/111.7 (1.4–2.2)eNot specifieddHigher SCE frequency in the group93
Cyclophosphamide & cisplatinBreast cancer113.6 (2.2–7.4)eNot specifiedd94
DacarbazineMalignant melanoma3711.4 (4.7–∝)f4 hLess damage after 24 h95
  • a One number, own control; two numbers, referent group included.

  • b The effect ratio is was calculated using the t distribution (numbers in parentheses are 95% CI).

  • c Time between administration and analyses (d, days; h, hours).

  • d The time interval between cessation of treatment and sampling is not specified.

  • e No relationship between dose and response.

  • f Estimated from graphs.