Table 6

Number of diagnostic X-ray examinations of the child up to 1 year before diagnosis; conditional logistic regression analysisa

Number of raysbControls (n = 2588)Leukemias (n = 1184)NHLs (n = 234)Solid tumors (n = 940)
n%n%OR95% CIn%OR95% CIn%OR95% CI
whole Sample
 0 X-rays169466.581771.413962.166171.7
 1–4 X-rays76630.128925.20.780.65–0.937734.40.710.51–1.0023525.50.800.55–0.98
 ≤4 X-rays863.4393.41.000.65–1.5583.60.600.27–1.34262.80.780.48–1.27
Born 1975–1987
 0 X-rays68351.838963.08954.921355.6
 1–4 X-rays55742.219731.90.670.53–0.856741.40.740.50–1.0914938.90.650.50–0.84
 ≥4 X-rays796.0315.00.800.49–1.3163.70.450.18–1.13215.50.590.34–1.02
Born 1988–1994
 0 X-rays101182.442881.15080.644883.1
 1–4 X-rays20917.09217.40.950.71–1.271016.10.580.28–1.208616.01.040.78–1.40
 ≥4 X-rays70.681.52.300.81–6.5123.23.370.63––6.90
  • a Adjusted for sex, year of birth, age at diagnosis, residence close to nuclear installation, SES, and degree of urbanization.

  • b X-ray examinations in the year before the date of diagnosis (½ year for children diagnosed in their 1st year of life) are excluded.