Table 5

Prenatal exposure to ionizing radiation in children less than 1.5 years; conditional logistic regression analysisa

Controls ≤1.5 yr (n = 333)Leukemias (≤1.5 yr (n = 104)
n%n%OR95% CI
Paternal occupational exposure before conception
 In year before pregnancy123.698.92.741.01–7.44
 Involving dosimetry51.510.90.350.04–3.21
Maternal occupational exposure
 In year before pregnancy154.598.72.340.91–6.02
 During pregnancy51.543.93.300.82–13.3
Diagnostic X-rays of the father in 2 yr preceding birth
 Any site10233.13840.41.570.92–2.67
 Abdomen or intestinal tract41.311.11.390.15–12.7
Diagnostic X-rays of the mother
 In 15 mo preceding conception10631.83635.01.030.63–1.70
 During pregnancy226.632.90.490.14–1.75
  • a Adjusted for sex, year of birth, age at diagnosis (≤1, >1 year), residence close to nuclear installation, SES, and degree furabnization.