Table 4

Prenatal exposure to ionizing radiation; results of conditional logistic regression analysisa

Controls (n = 2588)Leukemias (n = 1184)NHLs (n = 234)Solid tumors (n = 940)
n%n%OR95% CIn%OR95% CIn%OR95% CI
Paternal occupational exposure before conception
 In year before pregnancy993.9504.41.200.83–1.7394.11.120.51–2.44384.21.200.80–1.81
 Involving dosimetry220.9161.41.80b0.71–4.5831.30.49b0.09–2.7460.61.04b0.30–3.62
Maternal occupational exposure
 In year before pregnancy1094.2504.31.090.76–1.55125.21.760.90–3.43555.91.390.98–1.99
 During pregnancy321.2201.71.530.85–2.7673.03.871.54–9.75151.61.080.57–2.04
Diagnostic X-rays of the father in 2 yr preceding birth
 Any site46620.924425.11.331.10–1.614222.51.390.93–2.0819824.71.150.94–1.41
 Abdomen or intestinal tract241.1161.61.760.88–3.5642.12.060.59–7.1960.70.800.31–2.08
Diagnostic X-rays of the mother
 In 15 mo preceding conception57422.426522.81.040.87–1.243916.90.880.60–1.3022524.81.040.86–1.25
 During pregnancy1104.3464.00.940.65–1.36125.21.220.61–2.44404.30.920.63–1.35
  • a Adjusted for sex, year of birth, age at diagnosis, residence close to nuclear installation, SES, and degree of urbanization.

  • b ORs and 95% CIs are based on 1:1 matched analysis.