Table 3

Prevalence (%) of factors related to children’s exposure to ionizing radiation stratified on indicators of social class

Parental education levelMonthly family income
LowMediumHighPa<DM 2000DM 2000–DM 4000DM 4000–DM 6000DM 6000–DM 8000>DM 8000Pa
Paternal occupational exposure in year before pregnancy3.22.96.3≤0.0012.≤0.001
Paternal occupation involving dosimetric monitoring1.40.91.8nsb0.≤0.001
Maternal occupational exposure in year before pregnancy2.16.25.7≤0.0012.≤0.1
Maternal occupational exposure during pregnancy0.42.02.0≤0.0010.≤0.01
X-rays of the father in 2 y preceding birth19.024.624.9≤0.00123.623.024.520.718.7ns
X-rays of the mother up to 15 mo before conception16.624.527.5≤0.00123.621.725.924.622.4ns
X-rays of the mother during pregnancy3.84.15.0≤
X-rays of the child33.332.030.5≤0.129.730.≤0.001
  • a P of two-sided Mantel-Extension test for trend.

  • b ns, not significant.