Table 5

Pearson correlations between urinary lignans and intake of dietary components as measured by food record

Dietary componentEnterolactoneEnterodiolLignansa
Total V&F0.19b0.23c0.25c
Total vegetables0.06−0.030.07
Total fruit0.20c0.29b0.27b
Dietary fiber0.24c0.36b0.36c
Dietary fiber from vegetables0.030.010.06
Dietary fiber from fruit0.180.28b0.24c
Dietary fiber from grains0.22c0.34b0.34b
  • a Sum of lignans = enterolactone + enterodiol + matairesinol.

  • b P for Pearson correlation <0.01.

  • c P for Pearson correlation <0.05; correlations without superscripts are not significant.