Table 1B


Ryberb et al. 1997 (24)NorwayPCR135 incident surgical patients; all smokers; age 62.3 (10.3); sex ratio: NS; Caucasian54.8342 healthy male factory workers of Norwegian descent; age 54 (15); 35% never-smokers; Caucasian47.7Smoking (pack-years); GSTP1 polymorphism90%47%
Jourenkova et al., 1997 (25)Paris, FrancePCR150 patients; age 58.4 (9.9); 93% male; Caucasian54.0172 patients with nonlung conditions; age 55.0 (11.0); 95% male; Caucasian52.3Smoking status (consumption/day, no. of years); asbestos and arsenic exposure; GSTT1 polymorphism83%39%
Saarikoski et al., 1998 (26)FinlandPCR70 incident surgical patients; age: NS; sex ratio: NS; Caucasian38.6294 blood donors; sex ratio: NS; ages: NS; Caucasian46.6Cases: smoking (<40, >40 pack-years); asbestos exposure; GSTT1 polymorphism66%27%
  • a GSTM1 methodology: TSO, trans-stilbene oxide conjugation assay; S, Southern blot.

  • b Ages of cases and controls: mean (SD) or range given wherever possible. ?, probable.

  • c RR, relative risk; US, United States; UK, United Kingdom; NS, not stated; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.