Table 2

Factors predicting awareness that a parent or sibling has colon cancera

VariableOdds ratiob95% confidence intervalP
Demographic characteristics
 Relationship to proband
  Sibling versus child1.540.34–6.980.57
 Ethnicity (Caucasian = reference group)
 Sex: male versus female0.610.38–0.990.04
 Age (in decades)0.740.48–1.120.16
 Education (high school or less = reference)
  Some college0.740.42–1.290.29
  Graduated from college1.640.75–3.560.22
 Religion (other = reference group)
Cancer characteristics of the proband
 Age at diagnosis1.240.66–2.330.49
 Stage at diagnosis (in situ = reference)
  Regional or distant20.155.38–75.47<0.001
Knowledge and communication
 Knowledge (colon cancer)1.171.01–1.360.04
 Knowledge (heredity and cancer)1.070.96–1.190.20
 Family communication1.610.75–3.470.22
 Number of family members to talk to0.930.85–1.020.14
  • a Logistic regression results, using generalized estimating equations to adjust for within-cluster correlation, n = 426.

  • b Odds ratios compare those who report a FDR with colon cancer versus those who report no FDR with colon cancers.