Table 5

Vitamin D from sunlight exposure and diet and breast cancer risk among white women: NHANES I Epidemiologic Follow-up Study, 1971–1975 to 1992

Breast cancer casesAge-adjusted RR (95% CI)Multivariate- adjusted RR (95% CI)a
Sun exposure and dietary vitamin Db
 Low sun and <200 IU711.01.0
 Low sun and ≥200 IU180.79 (0.57–1.11)0.75 (0.54–1.06)
 High sun and <200 IU650.78 (0.46–1.31)0.77 (0.46–1.29)
 High sun and ≥200 IU220.72 (0.45–1.17)0.71 (0.44–1.14)
P for trendP = 0.11P = 0.08
  • a Adjusted for age, education, age at menarche, age at menopause, body mass index, frequency of alcohol consumption, physical activity, and calcium intake.

  • b Low sun, unimpressive sun exposure, as determined by the physician; high sun, moderate or considerable sun exposure, as determined by the physician.