Table 2

p53 and K-ras mutations in lung tumor tissues from 30 female smokers and 23 female nonsmokers

Patient no.Codon (exon)Base changeAmino acid changeHistologyAgePYs
Smokers (n = 30)
  759T293–294 (8)GGGGAGGGGAGDeletionFrameshiftSCa5080
  382T279 (8)CATCTTA to THis-LeuSC5680
  111T245 (7)GGCGCCG to CGly-AlaSC7760
  142T157 (5)GTCTTCG to TVal-PheSC77100
  397T249 (7)AGGATGG to TArg-MetAD7650
  278T234 (7)TACTGCA to GTyr-CysSC6240
  575T247–248 (7)CCGGDeletionFrameshiftAD6336
  803T157 (5)GTCTTCG to TVal-PheSC7330
  789T194 (6)CTTTTTC to TLeu-PheAD6960
  105-87T274 (8)GTTTTTG to TVal-PheLC5340
  554T213 (6)CGACGGA to GNone (Silent)AD3830
  766T12 (1)GGTGATG to AGly-AspAD4950
  734T13 (1)GGCTACG to AGly-AspAD5150
  128-88T12 (1)GGTAGTG to AGly-SerSC5360
  255T12 (1)GGTGTTG to TGly-ValAD6345
  346T12 (1)GGTTGTG to TGly-CysAD6975
  851T12 (1)GGTGATG to AGly-AspLC6240
  823T12 (1)GGTTGTG to TGly-CysAD5145
  554T12 (1)GGTGTTG to TGly-ValAD3830
  105-87T3 (1)GAAGAGA to GNone (Silent)LC5340
8 (1)GTAGTGA to GNone (silent)
  789T8 (1)GTAGTGA to GNone (Silent)AD6960
Nonsmokers (n = 23)
  89T165 (5)CAGTAGC to TGln-StopADSC720
  656T243 (7)ATGACGT to CMet-ThrAD700
  829T175 (5)CGCTGCC to TArg-CysBA460
  543T273 (8)CGTTGTC to TArg-CysBA460
  701T146 (5)TGGTGAG to ATrp-StopLC800
  820T127 (5)TCCACCT to ASer-ThrAD710
  452T36 (4)CCGCCAG to ANone (silent)BR-AL770
  307T213 (6)CGACGAA to GNone (silent)SC650
  302T12 (1)GGTGATG to AGly-AspAD410
  480T12 (1)GGTGTTG to TGly-ValBA600
  • a SC, squamous cell; AD, adenocarcinoma; LC, large cell; ADSC, adenosquamous; BA, bronchiolo-alveolar.