Table 2

RR of distant metastatic and fatal prostate cancer (1986–1994) according to total pack-years of cigarettes smoked in previous decade (1976–1986)

Pack-years smoked during previous decadeP, trenda
Total person years284,60119,39224,75722,511
Distant metastatic (n)11971115
 Age-adjusted RR1.
 95% CI0.53–2.450.67–2.321.05–3.11
Fatal (n)7751011
 Age-adjusted RR1.01.291.802.11
 95% CI0.50–3.100.91–3.421.08–3.90
  • a Test for trend calculated using pack-years as a continuous variable in multiple logistic regression model.

  • b RR and 95% CI adjusted for age (in 2.5-year increments), body mass index at age 21 (6 categories), and quintiles of intakes of calcium, total fat, vitamin E, and lycopene by multiple logistic regression.