Table 1

Characteristics of breast cancer cases with available tumor tissues versus breast cancer cases without available tissue among young women under the age of 45 years in New Jersey, 1990–1992

Cases with available tissue (n = 401)Cases without available tissue (n = 108)P
Age at diagnosis
 23–29 years3.51.80.55
 30–34 years14.713.0
 35–39 years28.234.3
 40–44 years53.650.9
Stage at diagnosis (%)
In situ12.412.10.96
ER status (%)
 No test or unknown15.217.60.81
PR status (%)
 No test or unknown17.221.30.23
Race (%)
 Asian and other5.06.5
Education (%)
 Some college24.422.2
 College graduate41.446.3
Religion (%)
OC use (%)
Age at first full-term birth (%)
 14–19 years9.011.1
 20–24 years22.221.3
 25–29 years29.224.1
 30+ years18.224.1
Number of births (%)
 0 births21.519.40.38
 1 births18.721.3
 2 births38.444.5
 3 or more births21.414.8
Months of lactation (% among parous)
Number of spontaneous abortions (% among gravid)
Number of induced abortions (% among gravid)
Age at menarche (%)
 8–12 years56.657.40.88
 13–17 years43.442.6
Family history of breast cancer (%)
 First Degree15.014.8
Prior breast biopsy (%)
BMI at interview
Physical activity (average 3 time periods)
Average caloric intake
Smoking status (%)
Use of alcohol (%)
 <7 drinks/week51.955.5
 ≥7 drinks/week9.75.6
Electric blanket and mattress pad use (%)
  • a HS/Tech, high school or technical school; BMI, body mass index.