Table 1

Dietary carotenoid consumption for juice vs. no juice subjects: median values and median ranges from matched analysis

CarotenoidVegetable juice (μg/day)No juice (raw or cooked vegetables) (μg/day)% difference between matched pairsPa
α-Carotene (n = 9)64712–6,20771612–6,2150.3%−1.5–0.00.55
β-Carotene (n = 5)2,9622,040–16,3152,9531,677–15,9260.2%0.0–2.60.24
Lutein (n = 12)2,2921,145–6,5332,272830–6,6940.0%−0.6–4.70.38
β-Cryptoxanthin (n = 14)5614–4045516–4030.1%−6.1–6.00.78
Lycopene (n = 18)3,145917–10,3313,382768–10,1100.0%−2.3–2.60.92
  • a Significance of the difference between juice and no juice groups.