Table 3

Linear regression results for change in macronutrient intake and change in area of density and percent density among women who went through menopause in the first 2 years (n = 78 with complete information), adjusted for change in total calorie intake, weight change, and family history of breast cancer

Dense area (cnn2)% density
βaPAdjusted model R2Nutrient βaPAdjusted model R2
Total calories + weight + family history0.060.06
Total fatb (g)9.210.0040.155.320.130.08
Saturated fatb (g)8.570.0020.
Monounsaturated fatb (g)
Polyunsaturated fatb (g)4.830.
Cholesterolb (mg)5.770.0010.186.21.0010.18
Carbohydratesc (g)−−1.540.100.09
Total fibrec (g)0.710.660.05−0.750.670.05
Insoluble fibrec (g)0.450.810.05−1.120.570.06
Soluble fibrec1.980.490.06−0.740.810.05
Proteinc (g)0.360.790.
  • a Positive values indicate a direct association with change in area of density while negative values indicate an inverse association.

  • b Log transformation.

  • c Square root transformation.