Table 4

Percentage of patients within each imputed NAT2 phenotype with specified pathological characteristics of adenomatous polyps: the Minnesota Cancer Prevention Research Unit Polyp Study

Polyp characteristicsImputed NAT2 phenotype
Fast (n = 32)Intermediate (n = 196)Slow (n = 299)Total (n = 527)
No. of adenomas
Size of largest adenoma (cm)
Subtype: most severe adenoma
Dysplasia: most severe adenoma
 None to mild53.146.939.843.3
 Severe/carcinoma in situ12.
Shape: most severe adenoma
Location: most severe adenoma
  • a Proximal colon = cecum to hepatic flexure; distal colon = transverse colon to sigmoid; rectum includes rectosigmoid.