Table 1

Percent distribution of demographic factors, sexual behavior, and Pap smear screening for 124 women with adenocarcinomas, 139 with squamous cell carcinomas, and 307 community controls

AdenocarcinomasSquamous cell carcinomasControls
Age at reference date
 <30 years21.820.421.8
 30–39 years31.537.434.9
 40–49 years32.326.627.4
 50–59 years4.87.211.7
 ≥60 years9.78.64.6
 Caucasian American90.380.686.5
 African American6.513.09.2
 Non-Caucasian, non-African American3.26.54.3
 Less than high school11.313.19.2
 High school graduate25.844.525.5
 Beyond high school62.942.365.4
Household income
 ≤10 years19.416.119.1
 11–20 years13.724.113.2
 >20 years16.924.814.1
No. of sexual partners in lifetime
 4 or more62.365.241.0
No. of Pap smears in 10 years before diagnosisa
 10 or more57.741.649.0
Months since most recent Pap smeara
 24 or more41.146.027.0
  • a Pap smears <12 months before the date of diagnosis (or the reference date for controls) were considered diagnostic Paps and were excluded.