Table 2

Mean (SD) plasma hormone and urinary estrogen metabolite levels from 87 premenopausal women at the two sample collectionsa

No. of womenSample 1Sample 2
Plasma hormone
 Follicular plasma
  Estradiol (pg/ml)8451.3(31.8)50.9(36.2)
  Estrone (pg/ml)8543.4(18.7)40.9(17.0)
  Estrone sulfate (pg/ml)32389(280)410(309)
 Luteal plasma
  Estradiol (pg/ml)85137(70.8)136(80.8)
  Estrone (pg/ml)8590.0(43.7)89.3(41.3)
  Estrone sulfate (pg/ml)30668(364)674(308)
  Progesterone (ng/dl)851107(738)1080(829)
Urinary metabolite
  • a Samples were collected 1 year apart, on average.

  • b Metabolite values (ng/ml) are divided by the creatinine levels (mg/ml) of each sample.

  • c 2-Hydroxyestrone:16α-hydroxyestrone.