Table 2

Percentage distribution of Wolfe pattern and mean score at initial and follow-up mammograms for the cases and controls

% distribution of mammographic Wolfe patternWolfe pattern score, mean (SD)Change in score, mean (SD)P, initial vs. follow-upa
Cases (n = 94)7.420.262.89.619.127.750.03.22.75 (0.73)2.37 (0.83)−0.37 (0.67)0.0001
Controls (n = 188)19.738.337.24.818.138.837.85.32.27 (0.83)2.30 (0.83)0.03 (0.23)0.058
P, case vs. controlb0.00010.510.0001
  • a P for the significance of change in mammographic pattern.

  • b P for the significance of difference in mean score between cases and controls at the initial and follow-up mammograms, and P for the significance of difference between cases and controls in the mean change in mammographic pattern.