Table 3B


  Agundez et al. 1995 (19)0.51fRapid acetylator2.230.96–5.16Baseline group = very rapid acetylator
Slow acetylator2.080.92–4.69(wt/wt)
Rapid acetylator (wt/variant)
Slow acetylator (variant/variant)
  Ambrosone et al. 1996 (21)Pre-men cases0.57fSlow acetylator0.90.7–2.0Baseline group = rapid acetylator
Post-men cases0.53fSlow acetylator1.30.8–1.9
  Hunter et al. 1997 (40)All cases0.62fSlow acetylator0.90.7–1.2Multivariate OR, baseline group = rapid acetylator
  Millikan et al. 1998 (50)Pre-men cases0.51fSlow acetylator1.10.7–1.6Baseline group = rapid acetylator
  Other genesPost-men cases0.52fSlow acetylator0.70.5–1.0
BRCA1 Pro871Leu
  Dunning et al. 1997 (28)0.316 Pro/Leu 1.150.92–1.44
Leu/Leu 1.240.85–1.79
BRCA1 Gln356Arg
  Dunning et al. 1997 (28)0.070 Glu/Arg 0.880.63–1.23No Arg/Arg cases
TP53 intron 3 16-bp insertion
  Campbell et al. 1996 (25)All cases0.16A1/A2 het0.800.45–1.43A2 allele defined as presence of duplication
A2/A2 hom0.510.07–3.90
  Sjalander et al. 1996 (56)All cases0.132A1/A2 het1.070.73–1.58A2 allele defined as presence of duplication
A2/A2 hom0.540.10–1.90
  Wang-Gohrke et al. 1998 (61)0.12A1/A2 het1.380.81–2.34A2 allele defined as presence of duplication
A2/A2 hom2.080.24–15.6
TP53 intron 6 G → A
  Peller et al. 1995 (52)0.558GA het2.170.62–7.66
  Sjalander et al. 1996 (56)0.129GA het1.060.71–1.57
AA hom0.730.18–2.25
  Mavridou et al. 1998 (49)0.098GA het1.050.63–1.74
AA hom0.280.01–2.90
  Wang-Gohrke et al. 1998 (61)0.11GA het1.670.97–2.85
AA hom1.080.02–13.6
TP53 Arg72Pro
  Kawajiri et al. 1993 (43)0.35 Arg/Pro 1.200.73–2.00
Pro/Pro 0.510.15–1.44
Pro carrier1.070.66–1.76
  Sjalander et al. 1996 (56)0.272 Arg/Pro 1.45 1.03–2.04
Pro/Pro 1.550.92–2.62
Pro carrier 1.47 1.08–2.00
  Wang-Gohrke et al. 1998 (61)0.26 Arg/Pro 1.170.72–1.90
Pro/Pro 0.710.20–2.06
Pro carrier1.100.69–1.75
  Chouchane et al. 1997 (27)0.41 N1/N2 3.56 1.13–11.3 No N2/N2 controls
  Chouchane et al. 1997 (27)0.04 P1/P2 1.740.52–7.57
P2/P2 27.5 3.47–308
P2 carrier2.360.72–10.0
TNF-α 308T → A
  Chouchane et al. 1997 (27)BrCa0.17TA het 3.49 1.52–8.80
AA hom4.800.06–382
A carrier 3.53 1.55–8.11
  • a For genes, frequency of each allele is close to 0.5, frequency of putative risk allele is given.

  • b CI, confidence interval; het, heterozygote; hom, homozygote; Pre-men, premenopausal; Post-men, postmenopausal; NS, not stated; BMI, body mass index.

  • c ORs in bold indicate statistically significant results.

  • d Low-activity allele carrier/poor metabolizer phenotype frequency.

  • e Null genotype frequency.

  • f Slow acetylator phenotype frequency.