Table 3A


  Taioli et al. 1995 (59)All cases0.091Ile/Val het1.10.3–4.0No Val/Val homozygous cases
  Ishibe et al. 1998 (41)All casesNSVal carrier0.880.58–1.33Multivariate-adjusted OR
  Bailey et al. 1998 (23)All Caucasian0.037Ile/Val het1.260.57–2.78No Val/Val homozygotes
CYP1A1 3′ UTR T6235C
  Taioli et al. 1995 (59)Caucasian0.115TC het1.70.6–4.9
African-American0.218TC het2.40.7–7.7
CC hom 9.7 2.0–47.9
  Ishibe et al. 1998 (41)All casesNSC carrier1.050.74–1.50Multivariate-adjusted OR
  Bailey et al. 1998 (23)Caucasian0.096TC het1.490.81–2.74
CC hom0.840.22–3.19
African-American0.247TC het0.510.23–1.13
CC hom0.520.08–3.32
CYP1A1 3′ UTR T5639C
  Taioli et al. 1995 (59)African American0.081TC het1.20.3–5.3No CC homozygotes
  Bailey et al. 1998 (23)African-American0.119TC het0.750.31–1.83No CC homozygotes
CYP1A1 Thr461Asp
  Bailey et al. 1998 (23)Caucasian0.043Thr/Asp het0.810.34–1.94
Asp/Asp hom0.970.06–15.71
CYP2D6 poor metabolizer
  Buchert et al. 1993 (24)All cases0.061Poor metabolizer1.180.42–3.45Tested for A, B, and D alleles
Pre-men0.121.540.35–7.66Poor metabolizer = low-activity allele homozygote or compound heterozygote
  Smith et al. 1992 (57)All cases0.043Poor metabolizer0.900.47–1.71Tested for A, B, and D alleles
  Huober et al. 1991 (36)All cases0.073dPoor metabolizer1.730.66–4.63Phenotype study
  Ladona et al. 1996 (46)All cases0.040dPoor metabolizer0.660.16–2.69Tested for A, B, and C alleles
  Pontin et al. 1998 (53)All cases0.062dPoor metabolizer1.700.63–4.67Phenotype study
  Ladero et al. 1991 (45)All cases0.052dPoor metabolizer2.090.97–4.48Phenotype study
  Shields et al. 1996 (54)Pre-men0.09C carrier1.040.48–2.24
Post-men0.07C carrier1.010.55–1.84
GSTM1 deletion
  Zhong et al. 1993 (64)All cases0.418eNull1.270.87–1.87
  Ambrosone et al. 1995 (20)Post-men cases0.502eNull1.100.73–1.64Adjusted for age, age at menarche/first pregnancy/menopause, BMI, and family history
  Kelsey et al. 1997 (44)Prevalent cases0.51Null1.300.91–1.86Null cases associated with improved survival
Incident cases0.48Null1.080.74–1.57
  Bailey et al. 1998 (23)Caucasian0.383eNull0.770.50–1.20
  Helzlsouer et al. 1998 (34)All cases0.464eNull 2.10 1.22–3.64 Adjusted for age and menopausal status
Pre-men cases1.00.28–3.45
Post-men cases 2.50 1.34–4.65
  Charrier et al. 1999 (26)All cases0.51Null1.190.90–1.59
<50 years0.970.69–1.35
≥50 years 1.99 1.19–3.32
GSTT1 deletion
  Helzlsouer et al. 1998 (34)All0.214eNull1.500.76–2.95Adjusted for age and menopausal status
  Bailey et al. 1998 (23)Caucasian0.272eNull1.080.66–1.75
GSTP1 Ile105Val
  Helzlsouer et al. 1998 (34)All0.29Ile/Val het1.480.81–2.73Adjusted for age and menopausal status
AllVal/Val hom1.970.77–5.02
  Harries et al. 1997 (33)All0.28Ile/Val het1.530.83–2.84
Val/Val hom1.580.49–5.06
NAT1 A1088T
  Millikan et al. 1998 (50)Pre-men cases0.47T carrier1.20.8–1.8
Post-men cases0.46T carrier1.00.7–1.5
  Zheng et al. 1999 (63)0.17T carrier1.180.77–1.81