Table 2A


Mannermaa et al. 1994 (47)Finland149HNS161NSNSCaucasianSporadic breast cancerEDH17B2
UK4129NSNSCaucasianFamilial breast cancer (3 case families)
Manolitsas et al. 1997 (48)UK292NSNS220NSNSNS PR
Mavridou et al. 1998 (49)UK224NSNS254NSNSNS TP53
Millikan et al. 1998 (51)USA654P20–70+642P20–70+Caucasian, African-American COMT
Millikan et al. 1998 (50)USA498P20–70+473P20–70+Caucasian, African-American NAT1, NAT2
Peller et al. 1995 (52)Israel20HNS38NSNSNS TP53
Pontin et al. 1998 (53)UK129HMean = 5679HMean = 42NSPhenotype study CYP2D6
Siegelmann-Danieli et al. 1999 (55)USA348H27–79145H27–79Caucasian CYP19
Shields et al. 1996 (54)USA106PPre-men113PPre-menCaucasian CYP2E1
Sjalander et al. 1996 (56)Sweden212HPNS689PNSWhite SwedishNested case-control study with additional 35 cases from hospital series TP53
Smith et al. 1992 (57)UK437NSNS720VariousNSCaucasian CYP2D6
Southey et al. 1998 (58)Australia388P<40294P<40NSAge-matched controls ER
Taioli et al. 1995 (59)USA51H20–69269P29–70Caucasian, African-AmericanCases identified from a cohort of women attending screening clinic CYP1A1
Thompson et al. 1998 (60)USA141PPre-men134PPre-menNS COMT
Wang-Gohrke et al. 1998 (61)Germany107HMean = 55305HMean = 36 TP53
Weston et al. 1998 (62)USA123HNS240HNSCaucasian, Hispanic, African-American CYP17
Zheng et al. 1999 (63)USA154P55–69330P55–69CaucasianNested case-control study in Iowa Womens Health Study NAT1
Zhong et al. 1993 (64)UK197HNS225PHNSNS GSTM1
  • a NS, not stated; P, population; Post-men, postmenopausal; H, hospital; Pre-men, premenopausal; PH, population and hospital.