Table 1

Observed numbers of cancers unrelated to tobacco smoking and SIRs Shown are the results for 69,485 patients discharged from hospital with a diagnosis of atherosclerosis; cancers observed during the first year of follow-up were excluded.

Cancer siteNo. observedSIR95% CI
Digestive tract
 Gall bladder and bile ducts751.10.8–1.3
Hormone-related cancers
 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma1281.00.9–1.2
 Hodgkin’s disease141.20.6–2.0
Brain and nervous tissue1001.10.9–1.3
Other specified organs3681.21.0–1.3
Secondary and unspecified3081.51.4–1.7
All sites unrelated to smoking39530.990.96–1.02