Table 2

Supplemental vitamin E intake and the relative risk of prostate cancer, HPFS, 1986–1996

Supplemental vitamin E intake (IU/day)
Person yr238,77949,28464,37488,645
Total non-A1, cases926219275476
 Age-adjusted RR1.001.070.971.05
 95% CI0.92–1.240.85–1.110.99–1.17
 Multivariate RRa1.001.090.951.07
 95% CI0.94–1.260.83–1.090.95–1.20
Extraprostatic, cases2426185134
 Multivariate RRa1.
 95% CI0.84–1.490.90–1.490.98–1.52
Metastatic or fatal,  cases110333455
 Multivariate RRa1.
 95% CI0.85–1.870.70–1.520.82–1.59
  • a Multivariate relative risks (RRs) adjusted for period (1986–1987, 1988–1989, 1990–1991, 1992–1993, and 1994–1995), age (14 2.5-year categories), family history of prostate cancer (father or brother), vasectomy status (ever or never through 1994), smoking (never, past and quit ≥10 years ago, past and quit within 10 years, current), quintiles of current body mass index, body mass index at age 21 years and physical activity in 1986 (metabolic hours/week), and quintiles of total calories, calcium, lycopene, fructose, and fat intake per day in 1986.