Table 3.

Spearman correlation coefficients between demographic and tobacco-related characteristics and total NNAL, total cotinine, total nicotine, and total nicotine plus total cotinine levels in children's urine

Total NNALTotal cotinineTotal nicotineTotal cotinine plus total nicotine
Children's age−0.1−0.16−0.27a−0.22a
Number of children under 18 in household0.
Smokers' CO0.29a0.31b0.23a0.31b
Home air quality0.28a0.33b0.27a0.32b
Nicotine dosimeter badge0.39c0.44c0.39c0.44c
Smokers' cigarettes per day−0.13−0.0008−0.14−0.06
Number of smokers in household0.23a0.160.060.12
Cigarettes per day smoked in home0.30b0.37c0.27a0.33b
Cigarettes per day smoked in car−0.33−0.15−0.09−0.12
Hours spent with child per day0.
Total NNAL1.000.81c0.64c0.77c
Total cotinine0.81c1.000.80c0.96c
Total nicotine0.64c0.80c1.000.93c
Total nicotine plus total cotinine0.77c0.96c0.93c1.00