Table 3.

Summaries of the marginal posterior (columns 2–4) and marginal prior (columns 5–6) distributions of the model's parameters excluding the batch – and variant–specific random effects and classification indicators

ParameterPosterior95% HPD RegionPrior
ψ0.4510.025(0.403, 0.499)
λ1.3810.195(1.029, 1.769)
ρ0.4120.131(0.167, 0.667)
γ0.9480.241(0.485, 1.413)
κ10.0630.286(−0.497, 0.621)0.0005.774
κ2−0.1600.639(−1.396, 1.120)0.0005.774
δ−3.8250.226(−4.252, −3.371)−5.0002.887
π0.3960.060(0.277, 0.510)0.5000.289

NOTE: Columns 2 and 3 report estimates of PM and SD; Bayesian 95% posterior high density regions are provided in column 4. Prior means and SD appear in columns 5 and 6. Note that that half–Cauchy distribution has no finite moments.