Table 3.

Haplotype analysis for CYP3A4/CYP3A5 and SRD5A2 by race (all models adjusted by family history of prostate cancer, age at consent, individual European ancestry, and history of BPH)a

RaceGeneHaplotypeHaplotype frequency (%)OR (95% CI)P (T-statistic)
European AmericanCYP3A4/CYP3A5GA86.52Ref
AG3.502.86 (1.15–7.12)0.024
GG2.741.33 (0.59–3.05)0.494
AA0.650.49 (0.14–1.73)0.269
CG24.601.36 (0.98–1.89)0.063
GA2.761.72 (0.65–4.56)0.273
African AmericanCYP3A4/CYP3A5AG30.40Ref
GA8.730.89 (0.40–1.99)0.777
GG14.641.14 (0.62–2.10)0.667
AA9.270.64 (0.30–1.37)0.251
CG15.401.17 (0.69–1.98)0.563
GA0.361.88 (0.09–37.68)0.681

aHaplotypes made from CYP3A5*3C and CYP3A4*1B (Lewontin's D′ = 0.7571); Haplotypes made from SRD5A2 (V89L) and SRD5A2 A49T (Lewontin's D′ = 1.00).