Table 2.

SNP and androgen repeat analysis for androgen pathway genes by race (all models adjusted by family history of prostate cancer, age at consent, individual European ancestry, and history of BPH)

European American (931 cases, 539 controls)African American (153 cases, 402 controls)
GenersNumberAlelles (test/referent)Referent allele frequency (%)Additive (per allele) OR (95% CI)Alelles (test/referent)Referent allele frequency (%)Additive (per allele) OR (95% CI)
CYP3A5rs10249369A/G92.722.11 (1.13–3.97)G/A61.330.59 (0.28–1.22)
CYP3A4rs2740574G/A95.191.17 (0.54–2.54)A/G59.901.20 (0.56–2.56)
CYP3A43rs680055G/C86.041.31 (0.78–2.19)G/C62.660.75 (0.35–1.57)
SRD5A2rs523349C/G70.541.45 (0.98–2.14)C/G72.540.85 (0.41–1.77)
SRD5A2rs9282858A/G97.361.57 (0.56–4.31)A/G99.041.71 (0.08–34.82)
ESR1rs3853250C/A54.171.37 (0.91–2.05)A/C54.221.08 (0.57–2.04)
ARCAG (rs4045402)0.90 (0.83–0.98)0.91 (0.80–1.04)
ARGGN (rs3138869)0.59 (0.31–1.13)Not estimable
ARGGC (rs3138869)0.85 (0.71–1.02)1.07 (0.89–1.29)