Table 2.

Association between receiving any guideline-specific CRC screening and Medicare coverage period for Medicare beneficiaries without a previous cancer diagnosis, by race/ethnicity

Pre-FOBTFOBT onlyPost-colonoscopy
ORa (95% CI)ORa (95% CI)ORa (95% CI)
Non-Hispanic white1.0 Ref1.0 Ref1.0 Ref
Non-Hispanic black0.74 (0.61–0.90)0.66 (0.52–0.83)0.80 (0.68–0.95)
Asian/Pacific Islander0.90 (0.65–1.24)0.84 (0.57–1.25)0.77 (0.59–1.00)
Hispanic0.91 (0.63–1.32)0.91 (0.61–1.35)0.73 (0.54–0.99)

NOTE: Statistically significant (P < 0.05) ORs denoted in bold.

aORs are adjusted for age, sex, SES (median household income at zip code level), urban/rural residence and SEER registry.