Table 6.

ORs and 95% CIs by Th cytokine marker profile

IL-2/IL-4 (Th1/Th2)
No. of cases/controls56/13151/9449/9574/112
OR (95% CI)1.0 (ref)1.29 (0.81–2.06)1.21 (0.76–1.93)1.55 (1.01–2.39)
P value0.280.420.05
IL-6/IL-4 (Th17/Th2)
No. of cases/controls86/18817/3819/38108/168
OR (95% CI)1.0 (ref)1.00 (0.53–1.88)1.13 (0.61–2.09)1.43 (1.00–2.03)
P value0.990.700.05
IL-6/IL-2 (Th17/Th1)
No. of cases/controls57/13646/9050/8977/117
OR (95% CI)1.0 (ref)1.22 (0.76–1.95)1.37 (0.85–2.18)1.58 (1.04–2.42)
P value0.420.190.03

NOTE: Each marker was classified as high or low on the basis of the median value and then 4 groups were created for each pair. Models are unconditional logistic regression models, adjusted for the matching factors (age, cohort, and menopausal status).