Table 1.

Genotype counts and statistics for rs2667053 among white non-Hispanic ovarian cancer cases (all histologies) and controls in OCAC studies.

StudyaControlsbCasesbMAFbPHWEbOR (95% CI)cPtrend
Discovery set
 STA1413911976730.110.481.3 (0.8–2.0)0.24
 UKO4678953669550.090.791.3 (1.0–1.8)0.10
 MAL67711523686640.070.301.2 (0.8–1.6)0.37
 SEA10201876645142100.080.571.3 (1.0–1.6)0.03
Summary, discovery2,305430141,576370220.080.261.2 (1.1–1.4)0.004
Replication set
 HAW123332531600.121.00.9 (0.5–1.7)0.71
 NHS271806842130.130.971.0 (0.6–1.5)0.90
 MAY3065852215400.090.221.1 (0.7–1.6)0.68
 GER3418361743110.110.630.7 (0.5–1.1)0.09
 UCI3509382254470.120.510.9 (0.6–1.2)0.46
 USC376108112977350.130.320.8 (0.6–1.1)0.24
 POL435142181876820.150.140.9 (0.7–1.2)0.60
 HOP453131102275770.130.850.9 (0.7–1.3)0.69
 DOV572141641910570.110.561.1 (0.8–1.4)0.66
 NCO575153949111220.120.860.8 (0.6–1.0)0.09
 NEC69217918450150130.120.111.2 (1.0–1.5)0.12
 AUS8842021468518290.110.521.1 (0.9–1.4)0.34
Summary, replication5,3781,4031133,513913560.120.061.0 (0.9–1.1)0.61
Summary, combined7,6831,8331275,0891,283780.110.141.0 (1.0–1.1)0.28

aSTA, GEOCS (Genetic Epidemiology of Ovarian Cancer Study), California; UKO, UKOPS (United Kingdom Ovarian Cancer Population Study), United Kingdom; MAL, MALOVA (Malignant Ovarian Cancer Study), Denmark; SEA, SEARCH (Studies of Epidemiology and Risk Factors in Cancer Heredity Ovarian Cancer Study), England; HAW, HAWAII (Hawaii Ovarian Cancer Study), Hawaii; NHS (Nurses' Health Study); MAY, MAYO (Mayo Clinic Ovarian Cancer Case Control Study), Mid-west; GER, GOCS (German Ovarian Cancer Study), Germany; UCI (the Orange and San Diego Counties California Study), California; USC, LAC-CCOC (Los Angeles County Case-Control Studies of Ovarian Cancer), California; POL (Polish Ovarian Cancer Study), Poland; HOP, HOPE (Hormones and Ovarian Cancer Prediction Study), Pittsburg; DOV, DOVE (Diseases of the Ovary and their Evaluation), Washington; NCO, NCOCS (North Carolina Ovarian Cancer Study), North Carolina; NEC, NECC (New England based Case-Control Study), New England; AUS, AOCS (Australian Ovarian Cancer Study) and ACS (Australian Cancer Study-Ovarian cancer), Australia.

bAA, homozygous major allele; Aa, heterozygous; aa, homozygous minor allele; MAF, minor allele frequency in controls; PHWE, P values from the chi-square test assessing deviation of genotype frequencies among controls from those expected under HWE.

cOR and 95% CI adjusted for age (<40, 40–49, 50–59, 60–69, and ≥70 years) in study-specific analyses and for age and study in summary analyses.