Table 3.

Log-linear model to estimate the association of not returning for future mammography and age of future screening mammogram between 40 and 45

Not returning for future mammography RR (95% CI)a,bDelayed age of future mammography RR (95% CI)a,c
 NH AA1.04 (0.98–1.09)1.26 (1.09–1.45)
 Asian0.67 (0.61–0.74)0.92 (0.78–1.09)
 Hispanic1.21 (1.13–1.30)1.17 (1.00–1.36)
 NH whiteReferentReferent
Outcome of baseline mammogram
 FP0.89 (0.85–0.95)0.97 (0.85–1.10)
 Model n29,17517,935

Abbreviation: NH: non-Hispanic.

  • aAdjusted for mammography registry site, age at baseline screening mammogram ages 35 to 39, rural/urban status at baseline, and whether additional screening occurred before age 40.

  • bDefined as not having a mammogram, compared with having 1, captured in the BCSC data between ages 40 and 45, including screening, diagnostic, or unknown mammograms.

  • cDefined as the first future screening mammogram between ages 40 and 45 among women who returned to a BCSC facility for mammography; ages 43 to 45 compared with 40 to 42.