Table 2.

Cervical cancer mortality rates and counts in urban centers of the 5 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, 2002 to 2006, by racea

Metropolitan Area, StateAll RacesbNon-Hispanic
WhiteBlackAsian/Pacific IslanderHispanic, All Races
Rate (95% CI)CountRateCountRateCountRateCountRateCount
Los Angeles County, CA3.1 (2.9–3.4)7532.42324.0962.7994.3323
New York City, NY3.1 (2.9–3.4)7222.12106.92852.2463.6173
Cook County, IL3.3 (3.0–3.6)4702.21806.32251.5102.951
Harris County, TX3.4 (3.0–3.8)2782.41055.6803.1114.682
Philadelphia County, PA4.5 (3.8–5.2)1832.9606.2110cccc
  • aAge-adjusted rates per 100,000 women for the years from 2002 through 2006.

  • bAll races includes women of Hispanic and non-Hispanic ethnicity. Asian and Pacific Islander not exclusive of Hispanic ethnicity.

  • cData suppressed in 2 groups when less than 10 deaths occurred in one cell (—).