Table 1.

Characteristics of female never-smoker NSCLC NH white, Latina, and API patients diagnosed from 1998 to 2003 and 2005 to 2008, by race/ethnicity and immigration status, SFBALCS (N = 462)

CharacteristicsNH white (n = 187)LatinaAPI
U.S.-born (n = 23)Foreign-born (n = 32)U.S.-born (n = 30)Foreign-born (n = 190)
Year of diagnosis
Age at diagnosis
 Mean (SD)70.2(13.1)65.6(11.7)64.4(14.6)70.0(11.7)66.7(13.6)
 ≤High school8445.21356.52374.21242.99954.1
 Some college or more10254.81043.5825.81657.18445.9
 Unknown/[missing (n = 11)]
Neighborhood SESb
 Lower (statewide quintiles 1–4)6735.8939.12578.1930.010454.7
 High (statewide quintile 5)12064.21460.9721.92170.08645.3
Marital statusa
 Never married158.0521.7928.1d1910.0
 Sep/div/wid/[unknown (n = 8)]c7238.5834.81443.81033.36031.6
Type of health insurancea
 No insurance/unknown/[missing (n = 35)]
First-degreee relative with cancera
 Unknown/[missing (n = 15)]
Smoke exposure at home (years with another smoker)f
 Unknown/[missing (n = 29)]
Smoke exposure at workg
 Unknown/[missing (n = 88)]
AJCC stage at diagnosis
 IV/[unstaged (n = 19)]7741.21356.51340.61240.010253.7
Histologic subtype
 Large cell/non-BAC adenocarcinoma/undiff14175.42191.32681.32480.016687.4
 Squamous cell137.063.2
 None/[unknown (n = 12)]11561.51147.82062.52066.79751.1
 None/[unknown (n = 1)]12265.21773.91959.41963.311761.6
Surgery to primary site
 None/[unknown (n = 1)]10857.81773.92578.11550.013370.0
Hospital ownershipa
 Missing (n = 11)
Hospital teaching statusa
Hospital total beds
 Missing (n = 11)
≥10% cancer patients seen at hospital are Latinoa
≥10% cancer patients seen at hospital are APIa
Proxy interview
 Lung cancer death7640.61147.81753.11756.78853.7
Cause of death (% of deaths)
 Lung cancer7667.31168.81785.01785.08873.0
 Other cancers1815.931.215.015.0119.1
 Other causeh565.4
 Not coded1412.41512.5
2-y survival rates56.637.738.639.847.4
Median follow-up time, mo18.313.510.816.915.6
  • aP < 0.01.

  • bNeighborhood SES derived from census block group residence at diagnosis.

  • cSeparated, divorced, widowed, or unknown status at time of interview.

  • dCells with fewer than 5 cases are not shown.

  • eFirst-degree includes parents, brothers, sisters, and children related by blood.

  • fSubject was asked “In your lifetime, how many years in total was there at least one smoker [If smoker: other than yourself] living in your household?”

  • gSubject was asked “How many years in total were you exposed to the tobacco smoke of others in your indoor workplace?”

  • hOther causes include myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, other lung disorders, pregnancy complications, dementia, pneumonia, pleural effusion, heart disease, and fall.