Table 4.

OR and 95% CI of colorectal adenoma according to quartiles of the distribution of serum CRP concentration in the PLCO Cancer Screening Trial

 Quartile of CRPPtrenda
Median, mg/L0.
Interquartile range, mg/L0.3–0.71.1–1.62.0–3.23.8–9.1
All colorectal adenomas
Cases/controls, n88/99102/9991/9975/99
OR (95% CI)b1.001.16 (0.78–1.73)1.08 (0.72–1.61)0.81 (0.53–1.23)0.15
OR (95% CI)c1.001.08 (0.72–1.64)0.93 (0.61–1.43)0.65 (0.41–1.03)0.03
  • aEntered into the model as a single ordinal variable with values corresponding to the median of each quartile of the CRP distribution.

  • bUnivariate model

  • cAdjusted for cigarette smoking status, BMI at baseline (overweight, obese), use of NSAIDs, diabetes, use of hormone therapy (females only), family history of colorectal cancer, and educational attainment.