Table 3.

Median levels and interquartile ranges for CRP levels in incident colorectal adenoma cases and controls sampled at multiple time points

Controls (n = 30)T0T1T5Pa
CRP, mg/L1.2 (0.1–2.3)0.9 (0.3–1.5)1.2 (0.1–2.3)0.35
Adenoma cases (n = 50)T0T3 or T5bN/A
CRP, mg/L1.6 (0.6–2.5)1.2 (0.2–2.3)N/A0.37

N/A; Not applicable

  • aFor difference in median values assessed using Friedman's χ2 statistic

  • bWhenever the colorectal adenoma was diagnosed.