Table 3.

Physician reports of CRC screening discussion and recommendations with asymptomatic, average-risk patients

Unweighted nWeighted %
How often do you present >1 testing option? (n = 1,266)
Which test(s) did you discuss? (n = 1,149)a
 FOBT only121.1
 Sigmoidoscopy only30.3
 Colonoscopy only817.3
 FOBT and colonoscopy56748.7
 FOBT, sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy36632.2
 Sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy443.5
 Other combinationsb615.7
 None of the tests or missing151.3
How often did you recommend one test or combination of tests over others? (n = 1,149)a
 Never or rarely887.2
Which test(s) did you recommend over others? (n = 1,126)c
 FOBT and colonoscopy48342.7
 Other combinationsd14312.7
  • aA total of 117 respondents who “never” present >1 testing option in measure here are excluded from the rest of the table.

  • bOther combinations: FOBT and sigmoidoscopy (n = 22); FOBT, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, and other (n = 16); FOBT, colonoscopy, and other (n = 18); sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, and other (n = 1); colonoscopy and other (n = 2); other only (n = 2).

  • cExcluded 23 respondents who “never” recommend one test over others. Categories used in regression models in Table 5. Missings excluded in the models.

  • dOther combinations: FOBT/sigmoidoscopy, FOBT only, sigmoidoscopy only, and other specified in text.